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Josh Schneyer, the owner and head coach of State Street Boxing Club, has been involved in boxing as an amateur fighter and a trainer for more than 30 years. He began boxing informally at 16, then, after moving to San Francisco at 19, began training seriously and competing at the legendary Newman’s Boxing Club. After training at Newman’s for 2 years, Josh joined the military and boxed for the army for 4 years. Giving up competitive boxing after nearly 7 years and 50 amateur bouts, Josh continued training on his own, both to stay in shape and for pure love of the training. In 1999, Josh had the opportunity to start his own gym and so began State Street Boxing Club. Convinced that boxing was the best and most complete workout available, a workout that could be learned and enjoyed by anyone, Josh created an environment in which people of all types and degrees of experience and inexperience could come and work hard and derive the great fitness benefits boxing has to offer, while also offering, for those who wanted it, true blood, sweat, and tears competitive training. Since then, SSBC has flourished, providing first-rate fitness and fight training for the past 15 years.

How To Wrap Your Hands

Three Boxing Basics

One: The Jab

Two: The Straight Right

Three: The Hook